Lodging with Direct Access to West Virginia's Hatfield and McCoy Trails - Ivy Branch

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Honoring our Military Guest

For the REMAINDER of 2019, we will purchase ALL MILITARY MEMBERS, who are staying at Ivy Branch ATV Resort, a 2019 Hatfield & McCoy Trail Permit. 

So, all military members lodging, for 2 or more nights, at IVY BRANCH ATV RESORT will receive a complimentary 2019 Hatfield McCoy Trail permit in appreciation for your commitment to our country and for your selfless service!

We, like Wild Willies ATV REZORT, sincerely appreciate your service. 


1. You MUST BE ELIGIBLE for the Hatfield & McCoy Trails' MILITARY DISCOUNT PERMIT;

2. You must be lodging at IVY BRANCH ATV RESORT for two or more nights;

3. You must present a Valid military photo ID upon checking in;

4. The Hatfield and McCoy TRAIL PERMIT can only be issued in person, to a military member for his or her sole use and onsite at IVY BRANCH ATV RESORT with proper photo Id.  





If you have already purchased your 2019 Hatfield & McCoy Trails permit, simply bring your paid receipt along with proper military ID and we will, refund to you, the amount you paid.